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Wikis are cool—especially if you have read the help pages (see HelpContents). ;-)


[DIFF] 23:59 [INFO] ChliHug Added information about the possible difference of the pixel format.
[DIFF] 23:41 [INFO] ChliHug Added information about the pixel format requirement.
[DIFF] 20:23 [INFO] Sam Lantinga
[DIFF] 17:54 [INFO] Sam Lantinga Fixed bug 3582 - SDL_SetEventFilter and SDL_QUIT
[DELETED] 14:31 [INFO] urkle spam
[DELETED] 14:31 [INFO] urkle spam
[DIFF] 22:02 [INFO] PhilippWiesemann Added mailing list link.
[DIFF] 22:00 [INFO] PhilippWiesemann Updated forum and mailing list links.
[DIFF] 21:57 [INFO] PhilippWiesemann [1-2] #01 Updated mailing list link.
#02 Removed link.
[DIFF] 21:53 [INFO] PhilippWiesemann Updated mailing list link.
[DIFF] 21:51 [INFO] PhilippWiesemann [1-2] #01 Updated mailing list and forum link.
#02 Removed old formatting.
[DIFF] 21:57 [INFO] PhilippWiesemann Fixed typo.
[DIFF] 21:56 [INFO] PhilippWiesemann [1-2] #01 Added Version section.
#02 Fixed return value description.
[DIFF] 21:53 [INFO] PhilippWiesemann Fixed return value description (Feedback 2017-07-14).
[DIFF] 21:51 [INFO] PhilippWiesemann [1-2] #01 Removed SDL_UpperBlit from Related Functions.
#02 Add SDL_BlitSurface to Related Functions (Feedback 2017-04-12).
[DIFF] 05:40 [INFO] Sam Lantinga Updated Haiku installation instructions
[DIFF] 11:37 [INFO] SylvainBeucler Mention newer sdkmanager tool
[DELETED] 02:08 [INFO] JustATest [1-2]


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