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[DIFF] 22:01 [INFO] PhilippWiesemann Updated DirectFB website (Feedback 2017-01-23).
[DIFF] 14:24 [INFO] urkle
[DIFF] 19:06 [INFO] Sam Lantinga Use SDL_Log(), which is guaranteed to work even if SDL_Init() fails
[DIFF] 23:05 [INFO] PhilippWiesemann Fixed typo in example.
[DIFF] 23:03 [INFO] PhilippWiesemann [1-2] #01 Added version section.
#02 Added example.
[DIFF] 23:00 [INFO] PhilippWiesemann [1-2] #01 Added version section.
#02 Added example (Feedback 2016-01-25).
[DIFF] 22:52 [INFO] PhilippWiesemann [1-3] #01 Added Version section.
#02 Added remark.
#03 Changed return value description (Feedback 2016-12-13).
[DIFF] 22:47 [INFO] PhilippWiesemann Updated with English text from MigrationGuide.
[DIFF] 13:55 [INFO] DanielG fix link to mozillas input method spec
[DIFF] 08:58 [INFO] realitix Update from changeset fbd8834ba7b8
[DIFF] 21:46 [INFO] PhilippWiesemann Updated table.
[DIFF] 21:44 [INFO] PhilippWiesemann [1-2] #01 Added Version section.
#02 Fixed typo.
[DIFF] 21:42 [INFO] PhilippWiesemann Fixed typo.
[DIFF] 21:41 [INFO] PhilippWiesemann [1-2] #01 Fixed typo.
#02 Sorted Related Functions.
[DIFF] 21:40 [INFO] PhilippWiesemann [1-2] #01 Changed printf() to SDL_Log() in example.
#02 Fixed typo.
[DIFF] 21:37 [INFO] PhilippWiesemann Added Version section.
[DIFF] 21:35 [INFO] PhilippWiesemann [1-2] #01 Added missing syntax highlighting.
#02 Added missing values.


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