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This is a scratch pad for the IME Summer of Code 2010 project, by Daniel Wyatt

The code is available here:


July 07, 2010 Started work on SDL itself.

June 30, 2010 I have decided to use an IMM implementation for the SoC. The TSF implementation is moving too slowly, I intend to complete it after the SoC.



There are two methods for enabling IME support on Windows:

I will write an IMM implementation for the SoC.

The TSF comes with Windows XP and newer. For earlier versions of Windows, you must install it separately: Microsoft Windows Text Services Framework Redist files


The TSF is the new standard for text input and supports advanced features such as dictation. It is a collection of (many) COM interfaces. Sources for information:


The IMM is the old way of doing things. On Windows XP and newer, the IMM is emulated by the TSF behind the scenes. Sources for information:

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