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This is a scratch pad for the Android Google Summer of Code 2010 project, by Paul Hunkin

The code is available here:


  • Builds against the current (r4) Android NDK

  • Works enough to get a 'hello world'.
  • None of the subsystems are implemented yet



How to build

To build SDL:

  • Extract the NDK somewhere
  • Currently you must set the correct paths to the NDK in:
    • build-scripts/
    • build-scripts/
  • 'make -f' should produce libsdl.a

To build a test program: are wrapper scripts designed to make it easier to compile things with the Android toolchain. So, you can build with test.c -o test, the same as you would do with normal gcc.

Or in a makefile, use:

  • CC=/path/to/sdl/build-scripts/
  • LD=/path/to/sdl/build-scripts/


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