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(This is the legacy documentation for stable SDL2, the current stable version; SDL3 is the current development version.)


Retrieve the relative state of the mouse.


Uint32 SDL_GetRelativeMouseState(int *x, int *y);

Function Parameters

x a pointer filled with the last recorded x coordinate of the mouse
y a pointer filled with the last recorded y coordinate of the mouse

Return Value

Returns a 32-bit button bitmask of the relative button state.


The current button state is returned as a button bitmask, which can be tested using the SDL_BUTTON(X) macros (where X is generally 1 for the left, 2 for middle, 3 for the right button), and x and y are set to the mouse deltas since the last call to SDL_GetRelativeMouseState() or since event initialization. You can pass NULL for either x or y.


This function is available since SDL 2.0.0.


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