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||<tablewidth="100%" style="color: #FF0000;" :> DRAFT||
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||'''points'''||the points to be enclosed|| ||'''points'''||a pointer to an array of [[SDL_Points]] to be enclosed||
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||'''clip'''||a pointer to the [[SDL_Rect]] to be enclosed||
||'''result'''||the [[SDL_Rect]] to be created||
||'''clip'''||an optional rectangle ([[SDL_Rect]]); see [[#Remarks|Remarks]]||
||'''result'''||a pointer to an [[SDL_Rect]] to be filled in||


Use this function to calculate a minimal rectangle enclosing a set of points.


SDL_bool SDL_EnclosePoints(const SDL_Point* points,
                           int              count,
                           const SDL_Rect*  clip,
                           SDL_Rect*        result)

Function Parameters


a pointer to an array of SDL_Points to be enclosed


the number of points


an optional rectangle (SDL_Rect); see Remarks


a pointer to an SDL_Rect to be filled in

Return Value

Returns SDL_TRUE if any points were within the clipping rect.


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