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 .[[SDL_RWFromConstMem]]  .[[SDL_RWread]]


Use this function to seek within an SDL_RWops data stream.


Sint64 SDL_RWseek(SDL_RWops* context,
                  Sint64     offset,
                  int        whence)

Function Parameters


A pointer to an SDL_RWops structure


an offset in bytes, relative to whence location; can be negative


any of RW_SEEK_SET, RW_SEEK_CUR, RW_SEEK_END; see Remarks for details

Return Value

Returns the final offset in the data stream after the seek or -1 on error.

Code Examples

SDL_RWops *rw = SDL_RWFromFile("myfile.bin", "rb");
if (rw != NULL) {
    /* Seek to 0 bytes from the end of the file */
    Sint64 length = SDL_RWseek(rw, 0, RW_SEEK_END);
    if (length < 0) {
        printf("Could not seek inside myfile.bin\n");
    } else {
        printf("myfile.bin is %d bytes long\n", length);


This function seeks to offset relative to whence

whence may be any of the following values:


seek from the beginning of data


seek relative to current read point


seek relative to the end of data

If this stream can not seek, it will return -1.

SDL_RWseek is actually a macro that calls the SDL_RWops's seek method appropriately, to simplify application development.

CategoryAPI, CategoryIO

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