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Deallocate memory obtained from SDL_SIMDAlloc


void SDL_SIMDFree(void *ptr);

Function Parameters


The pointer, returned from SDL_SIMDAlloc or SDL_SIMDRealloc, to deallocate. NULL is a legal no-op.


It is not valid to use this function on a pointer from anything but SDL_SIMDAlloc() or SDL_SIMDRealloc(). It can't be used on pointers from malloc, realloc, SDL_malloc, memalign, new[], etc.

However, SDL_SIMDFree(NULL) is a legal no-op.

The memory pointed to by ptr is no longer valid for access upon return, and may be returned to the system or reused by a future allocation. The pointer passed to this function is no longer safe to dereference once this function returns, and should be discarded.


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