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Style Guide: Code Examples

All API pages in this wiki contain a section for code examples. This guide provides instructions for adding your own content to the Code Examples section of these pages.

The Code Examples section should provide simple examples of real-world applications of the API.

General Guidelines

Please post code examples showing how you have used the API that may benefit other users.

  • Do not post anything that you do not have permission to post publicly.
  • Code examples should have adequate comments to make them clear and useful.
  • Please remember to keep it accurate, simple, and easy to understand.

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Adding Your Code Examples

  1. Begin by going to the page you wish to edit and selecting blue or blue in the left column to begin editing.

    • {i} Markup info provided here is specifically for use in the Text editor but should work in both.

  2. Scroll down in the edit window to the section that begins with == Code Examples ==. Add your content below this heading following the conventions in this style guide.

  3. Find information relevant to your content in the style guide sections below and apply the appropriate formatting as you create your content.

  4. Preview your work as you go by clicking blue in the left column. Preview often and any time you are unsure of formatting.

    • (Keep in mind that a few things (like Color2 text) don't preview exactly as they parse.)

  5. Save your work by clicking blue in the left column after you are satisfied with your content and have filled in the Comment field under the editing box.

For additional assistance with editing, saving, or wiki-appropriate markup see the Wiki Basics Style Guide.

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Formatting Your Code Examples


If your code example is the first on the page

Action: Replace the following text with your code
You can add your code example here

red Do not change or remove any of the markup immediately above or below that line.

Example: SDL_StopTextInput()
(Code Examples were empty at the time this was selected.)

If there are existing code examples on the page

Action: Add a new code box with your code to the end of the Code Examples section, or to a related grouping if there are existing code examples covering the same topic

Markup: Insert the following into the spot where your example will be located and place your content on the blank line between the markup:
{{{#!highlight cpp


red Do not change or remove any of the existing content.

Example: SDL_Init()

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Using an Include

Since many functions commonly occur in programs as pairs or small groups of related functions, it may occasionally be appropriate to repeat the same code example on more than one page.

In general this is best accomplished by copying and pasting and keeping pages separate.

Very occasionally it may be appropriate to use an Include to link the pages together and automatically copy the example (and any future changes) from one "source" page to one or more other pages.

red This should only be done if the code example:

  1. shows a fundamental use of all functions it is copied to
  2. is not repeating the same information as another existing example on any of the pages (no unnecessary redundancy)
  3. offers useful information to users on every page it is copied to

If it is determined that an Include is the best way to go, please follow these guidelines:

Action: In addition to following the other guidelines in this style guide, also follow the general instructions found in the Wiki Basics style guide to create the Include markup on each page.

Action: We are keeping a list of all pages using Includes for future reference. In order to keep this list up to date, please email <ANTI SPAM wiki AT libsdl DOT org> with a list of all pages that received the Include and what page was used as the source. We appreciate your taking time for this extra step to help us keep our records accurate and useful. Thank you!

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Our goal is to create accurate, consistent, helpful, user-friendly documentation. We appreciate your efforts to make your additions fit into the existing framework and retain the same look and feel as much as possible.

If you have questions that aren't addressed here:

  1. Search for another page that contains something similar to what you want to do and copy all the basics as much as applicable.
  2. Check the other SDL Style Guides.

  3. Post a question to Feedback and include a way to contact you.

  4. Post a question to the Mailing List.

  5. Send a comment or question to <ANTI SPAM wiki AT libsdl DOT org> for clarification.

If you have suggestions for changes or additions to this document or any other portion of the wiki please don't hesitate to contact us with your thoughts. We are happy to have the participation!


All content modifications are subject to review for consistency and quality. We reserve the right to remove or modify any content added to this wiki at any time. You may direct questions or concerns to <ANTI SPAM wiki AT libsdl DOT org>.

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