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[DIFF] 03:59 [INFO] RyanGordon Corrected link to license information.
[DIFF] 22:32 [INFO] DanielG [1]
RyanGordon [2]
#01 improve comments in code example a bit
#02 Readding page...
[DIFF] 14:14 [INFO] ColaEuphoria Removed misleading "clarity" note and ancient sampling rates games haven't used for 20 years.
[DIFF] 18:34 [INFO] RyanGordon [1-2] #01 Several corrections for various platforms.
#02 Note that WebAssembly works for Emscripten target
[DIFF] 16:22 [INFO] gerstrong
[DIFF] 13:18 [INFO] DanielG remove malitious link to pantokrator SDL1 tutorial (leave the copy in place)
[DIFF] 20:36 [INFO] ColaEuphoria
[DIFF] 00:03 [INFO] ColaEuphoria Google+ is going away so I replaced the post with an archived version


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