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[DIFF] 11:43 [INFO] LordWolfenstein Spcified that you need to set this hint before SDL_Init.
[DIFF] 14:35 [INFO] haxpor example code is not necessary, and not really provide benefit. Remove but still stick to the old pattern of CODE EXAMPLES section
[DIFF] 19:12 [INFO] haxpor make it consistent in coding style comparing to other code example in sdl documentation. Notice \n changed to be at the end.
[DIFF] 14:53 [INFO] RyanGordon [1]
haxpor [2]
#01 Restoring page
#02 Add more info about NULL parameter that can be supplied for status
[DIFF] 13:55 [INFO] markand -mwindows is not necessary, it removes the console though
[DIFF] 08:39 [INFO] markand [1-2] #01 Add related functions / enumerations
#02 Initial creation
[DIFF] 16:00 [INFO] SylvainBeucler [1-3] #01 Another error
#02 leftover
#03 Rename "Update" section to "Troubleshooting"
[DIFF] 17:03 [INFO] SylvainBeucler Link SDL_GetEventState


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