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A hint that specifies a label text for a WinRT app's privacy policy link.



a label text for a WinRT app's privacy policy link


By default this hint's value is "Privacy Policy".

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Network-enabled WinRT apps must include a privacy policy. On Windows 8, 8.1, and RT, Microsoft mandates that this policy be available via the Windows Settings charm. SDL provides code to add a link there, with its label text being set via the optional hint, SDL_HINT_WINRT_PRIVACY_POLICY_LABEL.

Please note that a privacy policy's contents are not set via this hint. A separate hint, SDL_HINT_WINRT_PRIVACY_POLICY_URL, is used to link to the actual text of the policy.

The contents of this hint should be encoded as a UTF8 string.

The default value is "Privacy Policy". This hint should only be set during app initialization, preferably before any calls to SDL_Init().

For additional information on linking to a privacy policy, see the documentation for SDL_HINT_WINRT_PRIVACY_POLICY_URL.


This hint is available since SDL 2.0.3.

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