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Use this function to get the current state of an axis control on a joystick.


Sint16 SDL_JoystickGetAxis(SDL_Joystick* joystick,
                           int           axis)

Function Parameters


an SDL_Joystick structure containing joystick information


the axis to query; the axis indices start at index 0; see Remarks for details

Return Value

Returns a 16-bit signed integer representing the current position of the axis or 0 on failure; call SDL_GetError() for more information.

The state is a value ranging from -32768 to 32767.

Code Examples

extern SDL_Joystick* joy1;
Sint16 x_move, y_move;

x_move = SDL_JoystickGetAxis(joy1, 0);
y_move = SDL_JoystickGetAxis(joy1, 1);


On most modern joysticks the X axis is usually represented by axis 0 and the Y axis by axis 1. The value returned by SDL_JoystickGetAxis() is a signed integer (-32768 to 32767) representing the current position of the axis. It may be necessary to impose certain tolerances on these values to account for jitter.

Some joysticks use axes 2 and 3 for extra buttons.

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