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Use this function to unlock the audio callback function for a specified device.


void SDL_UnlockAudioDevice(SDL_AudioDeviceID dev)

Function Parameters


the ID of the device to be unlocked

Code Examples

void MyAudioCallback(void *userdata, Uint8* stream, int len)
    printf("The audio callback is running!\n");
    SDL_memset(stream, 0, len);  // just silence.
    printf("The audio callback is done!\n");

// don't lock for 2 seconds at a time in real life, please.
extern SDL_AudioDeviceID devid;
SDL_Delay(2000);  // callback runs for 2 seconds.
printf("The audio callback can't be running right now!\n");
SDL_Delay(2000);  // callback doesn't run for 2 seconds.
printf("Ok, unlocking!\n");
SDL_Delay(2000);  // callback runs for 2 seconds.


Unlocks a previous SDL_LockAudioDevice() call. Please see that function's remarks for more details.


CategoryAPI, CategoryAudio

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