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SDL 2.0

Articles about SDL2 for Android NDK and Gradle 4|target="blank"

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SDL 1.2

The GP2x PDA|target="blank" (Archive)
Game Programming w/ the Simple Directmedia Layer?|target="blank"
Animation in SDL: OpenGL|target="blank" (Archive)
Animation in SDL: Hardware Surfaces|target="blank" (Archive)
Animation in SDL|target="blank"
Why Use SDL?|target="blank"
Interview with Bill Kendrick of NewBreedSoftware|target="blank"
Interview with Michael Speck of LGames|target="blank"
The Whys and Hows of Porting Software|target="blank"
The Simple DirectMedia Layer from a Win32 Perspective, Part 2: SDL Video|target="blank" (Archive)
The Simple DirectMedia Layer from a Win32 Perspective, Part 1: Setting Up Your System for SDL|target="blank" (Archive)
SDL: The DirectX Alternative|target="blank"
Sam Lantinga Slings Some Answers|target="blank"
Ask Sam Lantinga About SDL On PS2 And More|target="blank"
How to make CD-Rom Bootable SDL Game|target="blank"
Programmer des jeux sous Linux avec SDL|target="blank"

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