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Querying SDL Version

Include File(s): SDL_version.h, SDL_revision.h


These functions are used to collect or display information about the version of SDL that is currently being used by the program or that it was compiled against.

  • The version consists of three segments (X.Y.Z)
    • X = Major Version, which increments with massive changes, additions, and enhancements

    • Y = Minor Version, which increments with backwards-compatible changes to the major revision

    • Z = Patchlevel, which increments with fixes to the minor revision

    Example: The first version of SDL 2 was 2.0.0

  • The version may also be reported as a 4-digit numeric value where the thousands place represents the major version, the hundreds place represents the minor version, and the tens and ones places represent the patchlevel (update version).

    Example: The first version number of SDL 2 was 2000

SDL_revision.h must be included in your program explicitly if you want to use the SDL_REVISION constant.




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