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(This function is part of SDL_net, a separate library from SDL.)


Add a socket to a socket set, to be checked for available data.


int SDLNet_AddSocket(SDLNet_SocketSet set, SDLNet_GenericSocket sock);

Function Parameters

set the socket set to add a new socket to.
sock the socket to add to the set.

Return Value

Returns the total number of sockets contained in the set (including this new one), or -1 if the set is already full.


Generally you don't want to call this generic function, but rather the specific, inline function that wraps it: SDLNet_TCP_AddSocket() or SDLNet_UDP_AddSocket().

This function will fail if you add a socket to the set when the set already has its maximum number of sockets added, but otherwise it will always succeed.

If sock is NULL, nothing is added to the set; this lets you query the number of sockets currently contained in the set.


This function is available since SDL_net 2.0.0.


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