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(This function is part of SDL_ttf, a separate library from SDL.)


Set a global direction to be used for text shaping.


This function expects an hb_direction_t value, from HarfBuzz, cast to an int, and affects all fonts globally. Please use TTF_SetFontDirection() instead, which uses an enum supplied by SDL_ttf itself and operates on a per-font basis.

This is a global setting; fonts will favor a value set with TTF_SetFontDirection(), but if they have not had one explicitly set, they will use the value specified here.

The default value is HB_DIRECTION_LTR (left-to-right text flow).


int TTF_SetDirection(int direction); /* hb_direction_t */

Function Parameters

direction an hb_direction_t value.

Return Value

Returns 0, or -1 if SDL_ttf is not compiled with HarfBuzz support.


This function is available since SDL_ttf 2.0.18.


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