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A hint that specifies if SDL should give back control to the browser automatically when running with asyncify.



disable emscripten_sleep calls (if you give back browser control manually or use asyncify for other purposes)


enable emscripten_sleep calls (the default)


SDL pauses the application and gives back control to the browser automatically when the application is compiled with asyncify support, by calling emscripten_sleep when:

The SDL application hence can be ported to the web browser without any code change to the main loop (no emscripten_set_main_loop), at the cost of a reasonable performance hit.

Code Examples

To disable the default behavior:


With the default ```SDL_HINT_EMSCRIPTEN_ASYNCIFY=1```, to optimize performance, you'll typically want to make asyncify only instrument functions in the call path: ``` emcc ... -s ASYNCIFY=1 -s ASYNCIFY_WHITELIST='["main", "call_path_to_your_main_loop", "SDL_WaitEvent", "SDL_WaitEventTimeout", "SDL_Delay", "SDL_RenderPresent", "GLES2_RenderPresent", "SDL_GL_SwapWindow", "Emscripten_GLES_SwapWindow", "byn$$fpcast-emu$$Emscripten_GLES_SwapWindow", "SDL_UpdateWindowSurface", "SDL_UpdateWindowSurfaceRects", "Emscripten_UpdateWindowFramebuffer"]' ```

If you get a ```RuntimeError: unreachable executed```, then check the !JavaScript console and its stack trace to identify the missing function.


This hint only applies to the Emscripten platform.


This hint is available since SDL2 port version_21 / Emscripten 1.39.14, and is in the official SDL development version as of 2020-06.

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