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(This is the documentation for SDL3, which is under heavy development and the API is changing! SDL2 is the current stable version!)


Set an application-defined assertion handler.


void SDL_SetAssertionHandler(
                    SDL_AssertionHandler handler,
                    void *userdata);

Function Parameters

handler the SDL_AssertionHandler function to call when an assertion fails or NULL for the default handler
userdata a pointer that is passed to handler


This function allows an application to show its own assertion UI and/or force the response to an assertion failure. If the application doesn't provide this, SDL will try to do the right thing, popping up a system-specific GUI dialog, and probably minimizing any fullscreen windows.

This callback may fire from any thread, but it runs wrapped in a mutex, so it will only fire from one thread at a time.

This callback is NOT reset to SDL's internal handler upon SDL_Quit()!


This function is available since SDL 3.0.0.

CategoryAPI, CategoryAssertions

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