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(This function is part of SDL_ttf, a separate library from SDL.)


Check whether a glyph is provided by the font for a 16-bit codepoint.


int TTF_GlyphIsProvided(TTF_Font *font, Uint16 ch);

Function Parameters

font the font to query.
ch the character code to check.

Return Value

Returns non-zero if font provides a glyph for this character, zero if not.


Note that this version of the function takes a 16-bit character code, which covers the Basic Multilingual Plane, but is insufficient to cover the entire set of possible Unicode values, including emoji glyphs. You should use TTF_GlyphIsProvided32() instead, which offers the same functionality but takes a 32-bit codepoint instead.

The only reason to use this function is that it was available since the beginning of time, more or less.


This function is available since SDL_ttf 3.0.0.


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