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string map = SDL_GameControllerMapping(ctrl) char* SDL_GameControllerMapping(SDL_GameController* gamecontroller)



Use this function to get the current mapping of a Game Controller.


char* SDL_GameControllerMapping(SDL_GameController* gamecontroller)

Function Parameters


The game controller you want to get the current mapping for.

Return Value

Returns a string that has the controller's mapping. More information about the mapping can be found on SDL_GameControllerAddMapping; call SDL_GetError() for more information.

Code Examples

#include <cstdio> // the printf function
. . .
SDL_GameController *ctrl
for(int i = 0; i < SDL_NumJoysticks(); i++)
  if (SDL_IsGameController(i))
    printf("Index \'%i\' is a compatible controller, named \'%s\'\n", i, SDL_GameControllerNameForIndex(i));
    ctrl = SDL_GameControllerOpen(i);
    printf("Controller %i is mapped as \"%s\".\n", i, SDL_GameControllerMapping(ctrl);
    printf("Index \'%i\' is not a compatible controller.", i);


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