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Use this function to get the current assertion handler.


SDL_AssertionHandler SDL_GetAssertionHandler(void** puserdata)

Function Parameters


pointer which is filled with the "userdata" pointer that was passed to SDL_SetAssertionHandler(); see Remarks for details

Return Value

Returns the SDL_AssertionHandler that is called when an assert triggers.

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This returns the function pointer that is called when an assertion is triggered. This is either the value last passed to SDL_SetAssertionHandler(), or if no application-specified function is set, is equivalent to calling SDL_GetDefaultAssertionHandler().

The parameter puserdata is a pointer to a void*, which will store the "userdata" pointer that was passed to SDL_SetAssertionHandler(). This value will always be NULL for the default handler. If you don't care about this data, it is safe to pass a NULL pointer to this function to ignore it.


This function is available since SDL 2.0.2.

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