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Query the attributes of a texture.


int SDL_QueryTexture(SDL_Texture * texture,
                     Uint32 * format, int *access,
                     int *w, int *h);

Function Parameters


the texture to query


a pointer filled in with the raw format of the texture; the actual format may differ, but pixel transfers will use this format (one of the SDL_PixelFormatEnum values)


a pointer filled in with the actual access to the texture (one of the SDL_TextureAccess values)


a pointer filled in with the width of the texture in pixels


a pointer filled in with the height of the texture in pixels

Return Value

Returns 0 on success or a negative error code on failure; call SDL_GetError() for more information.

Code Examples

SDL_Texture* source;

// loading etc ...

int w, h;
SDL_QueryTexture(source, NULL, NULL, &w, &h);

CategoryAPI, CategoryRender

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