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(This function is part of SDL_rtf, a separate library from SDL.)


Set the text of an RTF context, with data loaded from an SDL_RWops.


int RTF_Load_RW(RTF_Context *ctx, SDL_RWops *src, int freesrc);

Function Parameters

ctx the RTF context to update.
src the SDL_RWops to load RTF data from.
freesrc non-zero to close/free src, zero to leave open.

Return Value

Returns 0 on success, -1 on failure.


This can be called multiple times to change the text displayed.

If freesrc is non-zero, this function will close/free src, whether this function succeeded or not.

On failure, call RTF_GetError() to get a human-readable text message corresponding to the error.


This function is available since SDL_rtf 3.0.0.


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