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Due to spammers, write access to this wiki is disabled by default. If you haven't already, please email your wiki username and the kind(s) of edits you would like to make to <ANTI SPAM wiki AT libsdl DOT org> to be given write access and to coordinate efforts.

Thank you!


We are very pleased that you are interested in contributing!

Our goal is to create the best documentation for SDL possible. To this end we have adopted the following guiding principles and would appreciate your keeping them in mind as you create your contributions.

  • This wiki should:
    • have a consistent look and feel throughout
    • be easy to use
    • be accurate
    • contain high quality information
    • be as simple and straight forward as possible

To help you with this we have created a series of resources:

Feedback Form

  • This is the quickest and simplest way for anyone to contribute to the wiki! There is no sign up and no permissions are required to use this option. Every page of the wiki contains a drop down Feedback form (upper right) where you can post quick content ideas, questions, suggestions, etc. Simply click the form tab, fill in the text field with your contribution, include your contact information if you would like a reply, and click Submit. We'll take it from there!

Mailing List

  • The Documentation Mailing List has been set up to allow users to share documentation-related topics. (There is a separate mailing list for development-related topics.) Anything from conventions to needed content, questions or comments, can be posted to the Mailing List. Plus, keep up with what others are saying and doing on the wiki.

  • We encourage all contributors to join the mailing list and participate in the discussions there. It is a great place to discuss areas that need contributions and to let others know what you are working on or if you are able to help address a request.

Style Guides by Topic

  • These are the core of our contribution resources. There is a style guide for each type of contribution you may wish to make as well as the Wiki Basics guide which contains global information that all contributors should have.

  • We recommend that you begin with Wiki Basics and then dive into the topic-specific guides that interest you before you begin to edit. Please check back periodically for reminders and updates!

    Style Guide

    Topics Covered

    Wiki Basics

    Starting to edit
    Saving changes
    Style Guide basics
    Quick reference for wiki markup used in this wiki
    Miscellaneous notes

    Code Examples

    Adding Code Examples to any API page


    Adding Remarks to any API page


    Adding an existing tutorial to the Tutorials page
    Creating a new tutorial within the wiki

    Function Pages

    Editing Function pages
    Editing Macro pages
    This is supplemental to the Code Examples and Remarks Style Guides

    Structure Pages

    Editing Structure pages
    Editing Union pages
    This is supplemental to the Code Examples and Remarks Style Guides

    Enumeration Pages

    Editing Enumeration pages
    Editing Hint pages
    This is supplemental to the Code Examples and Remarks Style Guides

    New Pages

    Creating new pages in the wiki
    This is supplemental to the other Style Guides

  • If you find something that is not addressed or is unclear in a style guide please post your questions to the Documentation mailing list, on a Forum, or email us at <ANTI SPAM wiki AT libsdl DOT org>.


  • For anything that is not addressed in the above you can always send an email to <ANTI SPAM wiki AT libsdl DOT org>.


All content modifications are subject to review for consistency and quality. We reserve the right to remove or modify any content added to this wiki at any time. You may direct questions or concerns to <ANTI SPAM wiki AT libsdl DOT org>.

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