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Simple DirectMedia Layer 2 for OS/2 & eComStation

SDL port for OS/2, authored by Andrey Vasilkin, 2016

OpenGL not supported by this port.

Additional optional environment variables:

SDL_AUDIO_SHARE Values: 0 or 1, default is 0 Initializes the device as shareable or exclusively acquired.

SDL_VIDEODRIVER Values: DIVE or VMAN, default is DIVE Use video subsystem: Direct interface video extensions (DIVE) or Video Manager (VMAN).

You may significantly increase video output speed with OS4 kernel and patched files vman.dll and dive.dll or with latest versions of ACPI support and video driver Panorama.

Latest versions of OS/4 kernel: (Info:

Patched files vman.dll and dive.dll:


Open Watcom 1.9 or newer is tested. For the new Open Watcom V2 fork, see: and WATCOM environment variable must to be set to the Open Watcom install directory. To compile, run: wmake -f Makefile.os2


Joysticks in SDL2:

The joystick code in SDL2 is a direct forward-port from the SDL-1.2 version. Here is the original documentation from SDL-1.2:

The Joystick detection only works for standard joysticks (2 buttons, 2 axes and the like). Therefore, if you use a non-standard joystick, you should specify its features in the SDL_OS2_JOYSTICK environment variable in a batch file or CONFIG.SYS, so SDL applications can provide full capability to your device. The syntax is:


So, it you have a Gravis GamePad with 4 axes, 2 buttons, 2 hats and 0 balls, the line should be:

SET SDL_OS2_JOYSTICK=Gravis_GamePad 4 2 2 0

If you want to add spaces in your joystick name, just surround it with quotes or double-quotes:

SET SDL_OS2_JOYSTICK='Gravis GamePad' 4 2 2 0


SET SDL_OS2_JOYSTICK="Gravis GamePad" 4 2 2 0

Note however that Balls and Hats are not supported under OS/2, and the value will be ignored... but it is wise to define these correctly because in the future those can be supported.

Also the number of buttons is limited to 2 when using two joysticks, 4 when using one joystick with 4 axes, 6 when using a joystick with 3 axes and 8 when using a joystick with 2 axes. Notice however these are limitations of the Joystick Port hardware, not OS/2.

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