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(This is the legacy documentation for stable SDL2, the current stable version; SDL3 is the current development version.)


Holds information about a test suite (multiple test cases).

Header File

Defined in SDL_test_harness.h


typedef struct SDLTest_TestSuiteReference {
    /* !< "PlatformSuite" */
    const char *name;
    /* !< The function that is run before each test. NULL skips. */
    SDLTest_TestCaseSetUpFp testSetUp;
    /* !< The test cases that are run as part of the suite. Last item should be NULL. */
    const SDLTest_TestCaseReference **testCases;
    /* !< The function that is run after each test. NULL skips. */
    SDLTest_TestCaseTearDownFp testTearDown;
} SDLTest_TestSuiteReference;

CategoryAPI, CategoryAPIStruct

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