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(This is the legacy documentation for stable SDL2, the current stable version; SDL3 is the current development version.)


Specify an application role for an audio device.

Header File

Defined in SDL_hints.h




Some audio backends (such as Pipewire) allow you to describe the role of your audio stream. Among other things, this description might show up in a system control panel or software for displaying and manipulating media playback/capture graphs.

This hints lets you transmit that information to the OS. The contents of this hint are used while opening an audio device. You should use a string that describes your what your program is playing (Game, Music, Movie, etc...).

Setting this to "" or leaving it unset will have SDL use a reasonable default: "Game" or something similar.

On targets where this is not supported, this hint does nothing.

CategoryAPI, CategoryAPIMacro, CategoryHints

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