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A variable that decides whether to send SDL_QUIT when closing the final window.

Header File

Defined in SDL_hints.h




By default, SDL sends an SDL_QUIT event when there is only one window and it receives an SDL_WINDOWEVENT_CLOSE event, under the assumption most apps would also take the loss of this window as a signal to terminate the program.

However, it's not unreasonable in some cases to have the program continue to live on, perhaps to create new windows later.

Changing this hint to "0" will cause SDL to not send an SDL_QUIT event when the final window is requesting to close. Note that in this case, there are still other legitimate reasons one might get an SDL_QUIT event: choosing "Quit" from the macOS menu bar, sending a SIGINT (ctrl-c) on Unix, etc.

The default value is "1". This hint can be changed at any time.

This hint is available since SDL 2.0.22. Before then, you always get an SDL_QUIT event when closing the final window.

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