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(This is the documentation for SDL3, which is under heavy development and the API is changing! SDL2 is the current stable version!)


Calculate the size of each audio frame (in bytes) from an SDL_AudioSpec.

Header File

Defined in <SDL3/SDL_audio.h>


#define SDL_AUDIO_FRAMESIZE(x) (SDL_AUDIO_BYTESIZE((x).format) * (x).channels)

Macro Parameters

x an SDL_AudioSpec to query.

Return Value

Returns the number of bytes used per sample frame.


This reports on the size of an audio sample frame: stereo Sint16 data (2 channels of 2 bytes each) would be 4 bytes per frame, for example.

Thread Safety

It is safe to call this macro from any thread.


This macro is available since SDL 3.0.0.

CategoryAPI, CategoryAPIMacro, CategoryAudio

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