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Enable or disable hidden mouse pointer warp emulation, needed by some older games.

Header File

Defined in <SDL3/SDL_hints.h>




Wayland requires the pointer confinement protocol to warp the mouse, but that is just a hint that the compositor is free to ignore, and warping the the pointer to or from regions outside of the focused window is prohibited. When this hint is set and the pointer is hidden, SDL will emulate mouse warps using relative mouse mode. This is required for some older games (such as Source engine games), which warp the mouse to the centre of the screen rather than using relative mouse motion. Note that relative mouse mode may have different mouse acceleration behaviour than pointer warps.

The variable can be set to the following values:

If not set, this is automatically enabled unless an application uses relative mouse mode directly.

This hint can be set anytime.


This hint is available since SDL 3.0.0.

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