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(This function is part of SDL_mixer, a separate library from SDL.)


Add your own music player or additional mixer function.

Header File

Defined in <SDL3_mixer/SDL_mixer.h>


void Mix_HookMusic(Mix_MixCallback mix_func, void *arg);

Function Parameters

Mix_MixCallback mix_func the callback function to become the new post-mix callback.
void * arg a pointer that is passed, untouched, to the callback.


This works something like Mix_SetPostMix(), but it has some crucial differences. Note that an app can use this and Mix_SetPostMix() at the same time. This allows an app to replace the built-in music playback, either with it's own music decoder or with some sort of procedurally-generated audio output.

The supplied callback will fire every time SDL_mixer is preparing to supply more data to the audio device. This runs inside an SDL audio callback, so it's important that the callback return quickly, or there could be problems in the audio playback.

Running this callback is the first thing SDL_mixer will do when starting to mix more audio. The buffer will contain silence upon entry, so the callback does not need to mix into existing data or initialize the buffer.

Note that while a callback is set through this function, SDL_mixer will not mix any playing music; this callback is used instead. To disable this callback (and thus reenable built-in music playback) call this function with a NULL callback.

The data written to by the callback is in the format that the audio device was opened in, and upon return from the callback, SDL_mixer will mix any playing chunks (but not music!) into the buffer. The callback cannot resize the buffer (so you must be prepared to provide exactly the amount of data demanded or leave it as silence).

The arg pointer supplied here is passed to the callback as-is, for whatever the callback might want to do with it (keep track of some ongoing state, settings, etc).

As there is only one music "channel" mixed, there is only one callback available. If you need to mix multiple inputs, be prepared to handle them from a single function.


This function is available since SDL_mixer 3.0.0.

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