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(This function is part of SDL_net, a separate library from SDL.)


Check if a stream socket is connected, without blocking.


int SDLNet_GetConnectionStatus(SDLNet_StreamSocket *sock);

Function Parameters

sock the stream socket to query.

Return Value

Returns 1 if successfully connected, -1 if connection failed, 0 if still connecting; if -1, call SDL_GetError() for details.


The SDLNet_StreamSocket objects returned by SDLNet_CreateClient take time to do negotiate a connection to a server, so it is does so asynchronously instead of making your program wait an indefinite amount of time.

This function allows you to check the progress of that work without blocking.

Connection can fail after some time (server took a while to respond, and then rejected the connection), so be sure to check the result of this function instead of assuming it worked because it's non-zero!

Once a connection is successfully made, the stream socket can be used to send and receive data with the server.

Note that if the connection succeeds, but later the connection is dropped, this will still report the connection as successful, as it only deals with the initial asynchronous work of getting connected; you'll know the connection dropped later when your reads and writes report failures.

Thread Safety

You should not operate on the same socket from multiple threads at the same time without supplying a serialization mechanism. However, different threads may access different sockets at the same time without problems.


This function is available since SDL_Net 3.0.0.


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