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An enumeration of audio device states.



audio device is stopped


audio device is playing


audio device is paused

Code Examples

void printStatus(SDL_AudioDeviceID dev)
    switch (SDL_GetAudioDeviceStatus(dev))
        case SDL_AUDIO_STOPPED: printf("stopped\n"); break;
        case SDL_AUDIO_PLAYING: printf("playing\n"); break;
        case SDL_AUDIO_PAUSED: printf("paused\n"); break;
        default: printf("???"); break;

// device starts paused
SDL_AudioDeviceID dev;
dev = SDL_OpenAudioDevice(NULL, 0, &desired, &obtained, 0);  
if (dev != 0)
     printStatus(dev);  // prints "paused"
     SDL_PauseAudioDevice(dev, 0);
     printStatus(dev);  // prints "playing"
     SDL_PauseAudioDevice(dev, 1);
     printStatus(dev);  // prints "paused"
     printStatus(dev);  // prints "stopped"


Opened devices are always PLAYING or PAUSED in normal circumstances. A failing device may change its status to STOPPED at any time, and closing a device will progress to STOPPED, too. Asking for the state on an unopened or unknown device ID will report STOPPED.


CategoryEnum, CategoryAudio

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