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Use this function to copy an existing surface into a new one that is optimized for blitting to a surface of a specified pixel format.


SDL_Surface* SDL_ConvertSurface(SDL_Surface*           src,
                                const SDL_PixelFormat* fmt,
                                Uint32                 flags)

Function Parameters


the existing SDL_Surface structure to convert


the SDL_PixelFormat structure that the new surface is optimized for


the flags are unused and should be set to 0; this is a leftover from SDL 1.2's API

Return Value

Returns the new SDL_Surface structure that is created or NULL if it fails; call SDL_GetError() for more information.

Code Examples

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This function is used to optimize images for faster repeat blitting. This is accomplished by converting the original and storing the result as a new surface. The new, optimized surface can then be used as the source for future blits, making them faster.

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