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Get the preferred audio format of a specific audio device.


int SDL_GetAudioDeviceSpec(int index,
                           int iscapture,
                           SDL_AudioSpec *spec);

Function Parameters


the index of the audio device; valid values range from 0 to SDL_GetNumAudioDevices() - 1


non-zero to query the list of recording devices, zero to query the list of output devices.


The SDL_AudioSpec to be initialized by this function.

Return Value

Returns 0 on success, nonzero on error


This function is only valid after a successfully initializing the audio subsystem. The values returned by this function reflect the latest call to SDL_GetNumAudioDevices(); re-call that function to redetect available hardware.

spec will be filled with the sample rate, sample format, and channel count. All other values in the structure are filled with 0. When the supported struct members are 0, SDL was unable to get the property from the backend.


This function is available since SDL 2.0.16.



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