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Use this function to map an RGB triple to an opaque pixel value for a given pixel format.


Uint32 SDL_MapRGB(const SDL_PixelFormat* format,
                  Uint8                  r, 
                  Uint8                  g, 
                  Uint8                  b)

Function Parameters


an SDL_PixelFormat structure describing the format of the pixel


the red component of the pixel in the range 0-255


the green component of the pixel in the range 0-255


the blue component of the pixel in the range 0-255

Return Value

Returns a pixel value; see Remarks for details.

Code Examples

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This function maps the RGB color value to the specified pixel format and returns the pixel value best approximating the given RGB color value for the given pixel format.

If the format has a palette (8-bit) the index of the closest matching color in the palette will be returned.

If the specified pixel format has an alpha component it will be returned as all 1 bits (fully opaque).

If the pixel format bpp (color depth) is less than 32-bpp then the unused upper bits of the return value can safely be ignored (e.g., with a 16-bpp format the return value can be assigned to a Uint16, and similarly a Uint8 for an 8-bpp format).

CategoryAPI, CategoryPixels

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