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Use this function to determine the current read/write offset in an SDL_RWops data stream.


Sint64 SDL_RWtell(struct SDL_RWops* context)

Function Parameters


a SDL_RWops data stream object from which to get the current offset

Return Value

Returns the current offset in the stream, or -1 if the information can not be determined.

Code Examples

extern SDL_RWops *rw;
printf("Current position in stream: %lld\n", (long long) SDL_RWtell(rw));
if (SDL_RWseek(rw, 0, RW_SEEK_END) != -1) {
    printf("Final position in stream: %lld\n", (long long) SDL_RWtell(rw));


SDL_RWtell is actually a macro that calls the SDL_RWops's seek method, with an offset of 0 bytes from RW_SEEK_CUR, to simplify application development.

CategoryAPI, CategoryIO

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