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||'''name'''||the hint to set; see the list of hints on [[|CategoryHints]] for details|| ||'''name'''||the hint to set; see the list of hints on [[CategoryHints#Hints|CategoryHints]] for details||


Use this function to set a hint with a specific priority.


SDL_bool SDL_SetHintWithPriority(const char*      name,
                                 const char*      value,
                                 SDL_HintPriority priority)

Function Parameters


the hint to set; see the list of hints on CategoryHints for details


the value of the hint variable


the SDL_HintPriority level for the hint

Return Value

Returns SDL_TRUE if the hint was set, SDL_FALSE otherwise.

Code Examples

You can add your code example here


The priority controls the behavior when setting a hint that already has a value. Hints will replace existing hints of their priority and lower. Environment variables are considered to have override priority.

CategoryAPI, CategoryHints

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