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(This is the legacy documentation for stable SDL2, the current stable version; SDL3 is the current development version.)


Use this function to set the animation callback on Apple iOS.


int SDL_iPhoneSetAnimationCallback(SDL_Window * window, int interval, void (SDLCALL *callback)(void*), void *callbackParam);

Function Parameters

window the window for which the animation callback should be set
interval the number of frames after which callback will be called
callback the function to call for every frame.
callbackParam a pointer that is passed to callback.

Return Value

Returns 0 on success or a negative error code on failure; call SDL_GetError() for more information.


The function prototype for callback is:

void callback(void* callbackParam);

Where its parameter, callbackParam, is what was passed as callbackParam to SDL_iPhoneSetAnimationCallback().

This function is only available on Apple iOS.

For more information see:

This functions is also accessible using the macro SDL_iOSSetAnimationCallback() since SDL 2.0.4.


This function is available since SDL 2.0.0.


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