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FAQ: Licensing

What license does SDL use?

SDL 2.0 is freely available under the terms of the zlib license, and SDL 1.2 is freely available under the GNU LGPL license.

Both may be used in both free and commercial applications.

You can read the detailed license text at

Can I use SDL in a commercial application?


SDL 2.0 can be freely embedded either as static library or as linked .dll (or .so or other sorts of dynamic libraries).

For SDL 1.2, the GNU LGPL license requires you to adhere to this additional restriction:

The details are available at:

Can I use SDL in an embedded application?

Yes! However, for SDL 1.2 you will either need to publish the source code of your program if you're statically linking, or provide tools and object files required to link against another version of SDL.

The details are available at:

If I use SDL, do I owe any licensing fees or royalties?

No! You may use SDL completely free of charge.

Can I use code from the test directory? From the examples?

Yes, code from the test directory and from the examples in the documentation is placed in the public domain. Anyone can use it for any purpose.

Can I use code from the demos in my applications?

Each of the demos has its own licensing restrictions. See the "COPYING" file in each demo's source directory for more information on a particular demo.

Which license is the SDL2 Wiki is released under?

The wiki content is under the public domain. See `````` (, 2014-06-15, unarchived) and (subscribe to to see).

More visible notice pending.

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