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(This is the legacy documentation for stable SDL2, the current stable version; SDL3 is the current development version.)


Convert a string into SDL_GameControllerAxis enum.


SDL_GameControllerAxis SDL_GameControllerGetAxisFromString(const char *str);

Function Parameters

str string representing a SDL_GameController axis

Return Value

Returns the SDL_GameControllerAxis enum corresponding to the input string, or SDL_CONTROLLER_AXIS_INVALID if no match was found.


This function is called internally to translate SDL_GameController mapping strings for the underlying joystick device into the consistent SDL_GameController mapping. You do not normally need to call this function unless you are parsing SDL_GameController mappings in your own code.

Note specially that "righttrigger" and "lefttrigger" map to SDL_CONTROLLER_AXIS_TRIGGERRIGHT and SDL_CONTROLLER_AXIS_TRIGGERLEFT, respectively.


This function is available since SDL 2.0.0.


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