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'''Include File(s):''' [ SDL_vulkan.h]


This category contains functions for creating a Vulkan instance with the required Vulkan extensions for surface creation.

The general flow of a Vulkan backed SDL application will be the following:

Create your SDL window with the SDL_WINDOW_VULKAN flag.

If necessary, use [[SDL_Vulkan_LoadLibrary]] and [[SDL_Vulkan_GetVkInstanceProcAddr]] to load the Vulkan library and query for driver function pointers (after initializing the video subsystem)

Query for required extensions using [[SDL_Vulkan_GetInstanceExtensions]] and use this information to create a VkInstance

Create a surface for the window to draw on using [[SDL_Vulkan_CreateSurface]]

When setting up pipelines and framebuffers for your newly created surface, use [[SDL_Vulkan_GetDrawableSize]] to query the surface extent



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