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(This function is part of SDL_mixer, a separate library from SDL.)


Close the mixer, halting all playing audio.

Header File

Defined in SDL_mixer.h


void Mix_CloseAudio(void);


Any halted channels will have any currently-registered effects deregistered, and will call any callback specified by Mix_ChannelFinished() before this function returns.

Any halted music will call any callback specified by Mix_HookMusicFinished() before this function returns.

Do not start any new audio playing during callbacks in this function.

This will close the audio device. Attempting to play new audio after this function returns will fail, until another successful call to Mix_OpenAudio().

Note that (unlike Mix_OpenAudio optionally calling SDL_Init(SDL_INIT_AUDIO) on the app's behalf), this will not deinitialize the SDL audio subsystem in any case. At some point after calling this function and Mix_Quit(), some part of the application should be responsible for calling SDL_Quit() to deinitialize all of SDL, including its audio subsystem.

This function should be the last thing you call in SDL_mixer before Mix_Quit(). However, the following notes apply if you don't follow this advice:

Note that this will not free any loaded chunks or music; you should dispose of those resources separately. It is probably poor form to dispose of them after this function, but it is safe to call Mix_FreeChunk() and Mix_FreeMusic() after closing the device.

Note that any chunks or music you don't free may or may not work if you call Mix_OpenAudio again, as the audio device may be in a new format and the existing chunks will not be converted to match.


This function is available since SDL_mixer 3.0.0.

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