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(This function is part of SDL_mixer, a separate library from SDL.)


Deinitialize SDL_mixer.

Header File

Defined in SDL_mixer.h


void Mix_Quit(void);


This should be the last function you call in SDL_mixer, after freeing all other resources and closing all audio devices. This will unload any shared libraries it is using for various codecs.

After this call, a call to Mix_Init(0) will return 0 (no codecs loaded).

You can safely call Mix_Init() to reload various codec support after this call.

Unlike other SDL satellite libraries, calls to Mix_Init do not stack; a single call to Mix_Quit() will deinitialize everything and does not have to be paired with a matching Mix_Init call. For that reason, it's considered best practices to have a single Mix_Init and Mix_Quit call in your program. While this isn't required, be aware of the risks of deviating from that behavior.


This function is available since SDL_mixer 3.0.0.

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