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Use this function to get a list of all assertion failures.


const SDL_AssertData* SDL_GetAssertionReport(void)

Return Value

Returns a list of all failed assertions or NULL if the list is empty. This memory should not be modified or freed by the application.

Code Examples

The proper way to examine this data looks something like this:

const SDL_AssertData *item = SDL_GetAssertionReport();
while (item) {
     printf("'%s', %s (%s:%d), triggered %u times, always ignore: %s.\n",
          item->condition, item->function, item->filename,
          item->linenum, item->trigger_count,
          item->always_ignore ? "yes" : "no");
     item = item->next;


This function gets all assertions triggered since the last call to SDL_ResetAssertionReport(), or the start of the program.

CategoryAPI, CategoryAssertions

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