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(This is the documentation for SDL3, which is under heavy development and the API is changing! SDL2 is the current stable version!)


Get the number of bytes currently queued.

Header File

Defined in <SDL3/SDL_audio.h>


int SDL_GetAudioStreamQueued(SDL_AudioStream *stream);

Function Parameters

SDL_AudioStream * stream the audio stream to query.

Return Value

(int) Returns the number of bytes queued.


Note that audio streams can change their input format at any time, even if there is still data queued in a different format, so the returned byte count will not necessarily match the number of sample frames available. Users of this API should be aware of format changes they make when feeding a stream and plan accordingly.

Queued data is not converted until it is consumed by SDL_GetAudioStreamData, so this value should be representative of the exact data that was put into the stream.

If the stream has so much data that it would overflow an int, the return value is clamped to a maximum value, but no queued data is lost; if there are gigabytes of data queued, the app might need to read some of it with SDL_GetAudioStreamData before this function's return value is no longer clamped.

Thread Safety

It is safe to call this function from any thread.


This function is available since SDL 3.0.0.

See Also

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