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Use this function to look up the address of the named function in the shared object and return it.


void* SDL_LoadFunction(void*       handle,
                       const char* name)

Function Parameters


a valid shared object handle returned by SDL_LoadObject()


the name of the function to look up

Return Value

Returns a pointer to the function or NULL if there was an error; call SDL_GetError() for more information.

Code Examples

#include "SDL.h"

/* Variable declaration */
void* myHandle = NULL;
char* myFunctionName = "myFancyFunction";
void (*myFancyFunction)(int anInt);

/* Dynamically load */
myHandle = SDL_LoadObject("");

/* Load the exported function from
 * The exported function has the following prototype
 * void myFancyFunction(int anInt);
myFancyFunction = (void (*)(int))SDL_LoadFunction(myHandle, myFunctionName);

/* Call myFancyFunction with a random integer */
if (myFancyFunction != NULL) {
} else {
    /* Error handling here */


This function pointer is no longer valid after calling SDL_UnloadObject().

This function can only look up C function names. Other languages may have name mangling and intrinsic language support that varies from compiler to compiler.

Make sure you declare your function pointers with the same calling convention as the actual library function. Your code will crash mysteriously if you do not do this.

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