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A structure that contains keyboard text input event information.

Data Fields






timestamp of the event



the window with keyboard focus, if any



the null-terminated input text in UTF-8 encoding

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SDL_TextInputEvent is a member of the SDL_Event union and is used when an event of type SDL_TEXTINPUT is reported. You would access it through the event's text field.

There is a tutorial.

Detailed explanation (from SDL mailing list by Jiang Jiang <gzjjgod at>)

In a typical GUI application, the OS will be responsible for telling
you the candidate text (via SDL_TEXTEDITING), you can choose how (and
where) to show it in your UI.
Let's say with an input method I typed "abc" and got unicode character
"X", the SDL application will first receive three SDL_TEXTEDITING
events with 'a', 'ab' and 'abc', then finally receive SDL_TEXTINPUT
event with unicode character 'X'.
During this text compositing process, user can press any arbitrary
keys such as Function, backspace, both the SDL application and OS
input method will receive it and decide whether to deal with these
keys or not. For instance when user press backspace, most input
methods will delete the last candidate character typed and SDL app
will receive a new SDL_TEXTEDITING event (let's say user typed a, b,
backspace, c, then the application will receive 4 events containing
'a', 'ab', 'a', 'ac' each).

[[SDL_SetTextInputRect]]() gives the OS a hint for where to show the
candidate text list, since the OS doesn't know where you want to draw
the text you received via SDL_TEXTEDITING event.

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